The Fortune Leadership Summit takes place this week in Houston, Texas…with a great line up of speakers and opportunities for “enlightened executives” to grow themselves, as well as their businesses.

Access to “thought-provoking” leaders is just one of the other reasons that I appreciate the “Habits” and Verne Harnish’s work.

So – in honor of the summit, and our upcoming Four Decisions Executive Workshop on May 18th(Link does not work) I’ll share Three More Reasons (really Opportunities) that I actively promote the Rockefeller Habits and the Four Decisions in the businesses with whom we work.

#5 Staying Sharp – and 1 Step Ahead of the Competition

Verne’s stock in trade: Access to great business “thought leaders” like Marshall Goldsmith, author of “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There” and Mark Aesch who eradicated multi-million dollar deficits at the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) and turned them into multi-million dollar surpluses.  The book “Driving Excellence” chronicles his experiences.  You can’t beat the insights that these leaders have to share – if you haven’t checked out their latest books – make sure to do so.

#4 Managing and Controlling Your Cash – the Oxygen that supports your Business

Simple but effective business tools (I wrote about a bunch last week) to help you get a handle on such critical items as CASH like the Cash Conversion Cycleand the HBR article “How Fast Can Your Company Grow” – have handed out that one to several of the CFO’s attending our Four Decisions Executive Workshop and they love it.

#3 Developing Your Team – as well as Yourself

One of the toughest challenges in a business trying to grow is to how to coach and develop your Leadership team.  The Habits asks questions like, “Are you a Multiplier OR an Accidental Diminisher” and exposes you to the likes of Liz Wiseman who wrote Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Curious?  Take 10 minutes and click here to find out if you and your team might be “accidentally” diminishing your people.

And the last 2 Reasons….?  They’re next in my series…

But in the meantime, we invite YOU to take advantage of the opportunity that’s coming to the Greater Philadelphia area on May 18th at the Four Decisions Executive Workshop. (Link does not work) Sign up here!

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