What’s your Critical Lever?

Learn more about where you are on your Scaling Up journey! Answer these 10 questions and we’ll email the recording of our Back to Business Basics webinar so that you can learn more about your results and what your focus should be for the coming year.

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4D Assessment

Answer the following questions from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5).

1. We have a clear sense of our key differentiators, and win deals much more often than we lose. *
2. We have Core Values which we use to attract, hire and engage our employees and have created a solid virtual bench of candidates as a result. *
3. We have a clearly articulated Vision/BHAG written and understood by our employees, and that goal drives people forward with excitement. *
4. We have the right people in the right seats with Key Accountabilities and Targets define for success in their jobs. Everyone understands how they will get an "A". *
5. We have plenty of time to plan for the company because we do such little firefighting. *
6. We review our most important metrics (Key Performance Indicators) daily and weekly to make sure things are running on time and on target. *
7. We gather feedback on an ongoing basis from our customers and employees to improve the company. *
8. We have a Cash Reserve (Core Capital) of 2 to 3 months of operating expenses. *
9. We have a written business plan that we use to direct our activities on a weekly basis. *
10. We regularly accomplish most of what we set out to accomplish, including hitting or exceeding our targeted numbers. *