Scaling Up Masters

Who this is for?

CEOs who want to accelerate the growth of their top and bottom lines, create a more valuable and sustainable company and be equipped with the skills, operating system, discipline and tools to grow as fast as possible leveraging a community of like-minded Enlightened Leaders. This 12-month accelerated program is designed to create focus, accountability, and alignment, improve cash flow and profitability and most importantly, give you time to focus on longer-term goals and objectives.


Topics Covered:

Scaling Up and Leadership Alignment Assessment

Determine your readiness for a disciplined approach to growth and learn the critical factors to help you Scale Up successfully.


Cash Flow Story Analysis

Discover the key levers for improving cash flow and profitability and implement strategies to access cash for growth.


Leadership Team Development

Create a team of “A” players and learn how to coach and develop others, delegate effectively, have crucial conversations, and learn how to influence and communicate across different styles.


Strategic Financial Model for Profitable Growth

Discover the driving forces and growth opportunities in your industry.


Two Day Annual Strategic Planning Session

Develop your core values, determine your longer-term growth goals and key differentiators that will drive top-line revenue, align your leadership team and get Great Execution with the power of a 90-day plan. Set annual initiatives, map out your quarterly rocks and make the short term decisions to drive alignment and performance.


Business Model Canvas and Value Prop Design

Develop a business model that drives top-line growth, positions your company for long-term success and generates strong cash flow. Differentiate yourself from your competition by refining your value proposition with a few simple questions.


Quarterly Planning Meetings

Use facilitated quarterly reviews to assess past performance, refine your plan for growth, increase leadership commitment and alignment and build on your successes.


Establish and Practice Meeting Rhythms

Drive productivity with great execution powered by three critical meetings and six critical numbers.


Lay the Groundwork for Employee Engagement

Learn and implement the 12 essential questions that reduce the time that the CEO needs to manage the day-to-day business.


Simple Numbers™ Analysis for Increased Profitability

Get access to Cash by using the Simple Numbers™model.


Company Dashboards and Operational Efficiency

Develop a dashboard and operating systems that will reduce the amount of time the CEO needs to manage the business from 50 hours/week to less than 20 hours.


(NOTE: Strategy Review Meetings between Quarterlies can be added for an additional fee.)



A Roadmap for Accelerated Growth

Create a roadmap of your business for the next 3 years.


Two Day Annual Strategic Planning Session


Four Quarterly Review and Planning Meetings


Monthly Calls with the CEO

A 60-minute scheduled call with the CEO once per month.


Community Access

Full access to a community of Enlightened Leaders for you and your team.


Scaling Up Thought Leadership

Full access to thought leaders including Verne Harnish.


Insights 2020 Plan

Create a plan for enhanced Company Communications.


Webinars and Speaker Sessions

Attend webinars and speaker sessions at no additional cost.


TopGrading Software to support finding A Players

Have access to world-class Recruiting and Interviewing software and tools to create a high-performing team.


Better Book Club membership for you and your team

Create life-long learners with on-line resources from business thought-leaders.



You’ll always have access to CEO Think Tank® Library of Best Practices, Growth Institute Videos, Speaker Sessions and Thought-Leaders. Additionally, dd hoc, unscheduled email and phone call support can be scheduled as needed.



Initial deposit of $10,000 required up front. $5,500 per month for 12 months payable thru ACH.

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1 day/month, 6 months

Jump start growth, profitability, cash flow, engagement & accountability

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Scaling Up Foundations + QTR/Annual Mtgs, Leadership Dev

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Leadership Development

½-2 Days Month, depending on program

Executive Team building, Leadership workshops and Coaching

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Executive Roundtables

½ day/month + individual coaching time

Community of like-minded leaders, Certified Coach, Scaling Up playbook

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