Chelsea DeLuca

Client since 2012 | Chief Operating Officer, PPR Capital Management

“The monthly roundtable groups, along with the opportunity to build relationships with other enlightened leaders, have been one of the most impactful learning opportunities for me. We’ve got plans to build over $2 billion in assets under management and surrounding myself with the right people will continue to be critical to reaching that goal.”

Ed Remster

ALUM | CEO SJ Transportation Co, Inc

“Being a member of CEO Think Tank® for the last ten years was an irreplaceable ingredient of my success. The community, the resources like Scaling Up, having Cheryl Beth as my Coach. All were critical components of my ability to grow my team as well as my company. Being a part of such a terrific group of people who I admire immensely. That’s been invaluable.”

Chip McAteer

Client since 2013 | Partner, Elevate Construction Partnership

“We value the opportunity CEO Think Tank® gives us to speak with and learn from other entrepreneurs. The community has been incredibly important as we’ve grown to $100 million the past five years. And, Cheryl Beth can always be counted on to guide us and keep us on track and focused on our plan.”

Mark Crouse

Client since 2021 | COO, The Logic Factory

“Cheryl Beth Kuchler has curated an amazing group of people and resources that save me time and makes my job easier.”

Marcia O’Connor

ALUM | Founder and CEO of The O’Connor Group

“I get tremendous value from being a part of CEO Think Tank® including learning and growth for myself as a CEO as well as my team. I’m able to bring them to the events and speakers and appreciate the opportunity to grow with them.”

Sunny Beth White

Alum | Founder and CEO, Xavier Creative House

“Cheryl Beth and CEO Think Tank® have kept me accountable to scaling my business and always being my best self. We’ve doubled our top line and our team over the last three years and are poised for double digit growth in 2022!”

Carly Ritter

Client since 2014 | CEO, Creative Media Works

“I love being around leaders who want to make themselves and their companies, better. There’s no place to do that besides CEO Think Tank®.”

Karla Trotman

Client since 2018 | CEO, Electro Soft, Inc

“CEO Think Tank® has given me the support and resources to pull through the last two years and given me the tools to grow my business. I have the ability to have accountability to my plan, access to thought-leaders who stimulate my thinking, and a community of like-minded leaders and a Coach who are there for me.”

Marshall Downing

Client since 2018 | President, USA Kitchens

“Our membership is CEO Think Tank® has been priceless! Over the past three years we’ve added 10% to our Gross Margin and tripled our bottom-line profitability. I’ve grown as a leader and more importantly, my team is more aligned and accountability. Plus, we’re on track to have our best year ever with plans to double our growth in the next 3 years.”

Mia Galison

Client since 2020 | CEO of eeBoo

“eeBoo expanded into almost 1,000 new stores during the height of the pandemic, and we’ve gone from a handful of users in the Direct-to-Consumer arena to over 22,000 worldwide. We’ve more than doubled our top line and achieved double digit profitability over the last two years, all with the help of Cheryl Beth, Jill and CEO Think Tank®’s tool kit. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us!”

Janet Castle

Client since 2014 | The Castle Group, President

“After implementing Scaling Up, we’ve significantly improved our predictability. The planning and implementation management process helped us to shift our focus to semi-private companies which gave us more reliability and predictability in our project stream. With the One Page Strategic Plan™ and better projections and estimates, we see where gaps are and work to fill them proactively. Our top line has increased by 35%, our Gross Margin has stabilized and we’ve increased our Cash Flow too!”

Albert Busch

Client since 2010 | Datacolor

“Our work with Scaling Up best practices like Core Values and employee engagement, Strategic Planning, and Execution tools such as regular Meeting Rhythms and one to one’s have certainly been a big part of our results in the last decade. Datacolor’s top line has grown from $45M in 2009 to over $72M in 2017. Cash on hand has grown five times. And while the employee population has gone from 240 employees in 2009 to over 400, we’ve been able to achieve high engagement scores of 4 out of 5 on surveys while expanding our reach geographically with offices in 15 countries.”

Alix James

Client since 2014 | Nielsen-Kellerman

“Nielsen-Kellerman’s growth rate has accelerated significantly in the last seven years, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) exceeding 12% and 2018 growth at 20%. And I’m confident we’ll double the company over the next few years. Our work with the Scaling Up tools and best practices that membership in CEO Think Tank® have brought to us have definitely contributed to that success!”

Liz Jaworski

Alumni | Ron Jaworski Management

“Thank you for the last few days of knowledge. I love the new ideas you taught us, the old ones you reinforced and the courage you showed us to make changes.”

Judy McGruther

Alumni | The Hill at Whitemarsh

“Using the TopGrading approach to hiring and onboarding, has had a significant impact on our business and the quality of our new hires. We now have a robust and predictable screening and interview process, clear accountabilities and key performance indicators for each position, and new people know from the get go what’s expected of them. As a result, our leadership is more engaged, and we’re bringing the right people into the organization.”