Scaling Up Philadelphia Sponsored by Page Prep

12-Month Scaling Up Co-Hort Program

Kickoff: September 2023

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Scaling Up Philadelphia is seeking a CEO/Owner and one member of their management team of a Black- OR Brown- OR Woman-owned business working in or adjacent to institutional supply chains.

Ideal participants are looking to gain alignment across their leadership team through strategic planning using a proven methodology and have at least $1M in topline revenue as well as a desire to grow sustainably and profitably. This program is geared towards firms with contract opportunities at a participating PAGE anchor institution.


The topics covered in this program include:

• One Page Business Plan™/90 Day to 1 Year Plan
• Core Values/ Laying the Foundation for strong Employee Engagement
• Strategic Thinking Principles & Execution Management for Successful Plan Implementation
• Financial Management/ Cash Flow Drivers/Company Dashboard
• Meeting & Operating Rhythm/Accountability/Measuring Performance thru Key Performance Indicators
• Talent Management and Leadership Foundations

Mike Pearson, former CEO and Founder of Union Packaging
Mike Pearson

Union Packaging attained $12 Million in revenue with 90 employees and industry-leading profitability using Scaling Up and other business best practices. As a result, we had significant positive impact on our community winning dozens of awards and were able to sell the business for a highly competitive multiple after 20 years!

Michael K. Pearson
Former President & CEO, Union Packaging

Scaling Up Philly is a twelve-month, cohort-based program offered by CEO Think Tank® that provides participants with the Business Foundations and Operating System to be successful, profitable, and sustainable. Our curriculum is based on Scaling Up™ 2.0: The Rules of Smart Scaling by Verne Harnish, a proven operating system used by thousands of companies around the world to grow and scale. The program will include individual coaching and facilitated group sessions (in person or Zoom, depending on COVID-19 regulations), for 6 to 8 participating companies per cohort.

The Scaling Up Philly PAGE Prep Program is an integrative process that involves both interactive, in-person education along with personal online learning.

Tall office building scaling up.

Program Format & Participant Commitment

  • Two 1 day Kick-Off meetings to develop the plan and lay the groundwork for successful execution
  • ½ Day Education and Implementation meeting per month with CEO and Leadership Team
  • Two 60-minute Coaching Calls per month with CEO
  • In addition to the above times, participants should allocate an additional 3 hours a week minimum to complete homework and hold Weekly Level 10 (Implementation) meetings on their own.
  • Access to CEO Think Tank® Thought Leaders, Webinars and Business Best Practices Tools
  • Entrepreneurial Mentors provided to each participating company to facilitate introductions.
  • The Economy League’s PAGE program will pay for over 95% of program fees. Participants will be asked to contribute $2,500 in remaining fees.

Successful scaling begins right here.

1. Apply

Applicants are required to have the following

  • A two-person management team.
  • A minimum of $1 Million in Top Line Revenue
  • An ability to demonstrate Top Line Growth

2. Interview

Speak with someone from the Scaling Up team about your business and the PAGE Prep Program. We can do this by email, phone or video call so that we can get to know each other.


Prior to the first session, you and your team will go through a set of diagnostic and assessment tools that will uncover your ambitions, opportunities, and capacity for growth in more detail.

Please apply for consideration using the following form:

Scaling Up