How to Attract and Retain A Player Talent and Drive Bottom-line Profitability

Listen to Cheryl Beth Kuchler and Jill Huentelman in this Simple Numbers webinar series How to Attract and Retain A Player Talent.

Are you a CEO, Entrepreneur or Business Owner who…

  • Has people on your team who are not accountable, create unnecessary drama, and don’t get the results the business needs to be successful?
  • Is unsure about how to motivate and develop your employees to bring out the best in them?
  • Is struggling to find and attract the right people to help you drive growth and profitability?

Get Access to “How to Attract and Retain A Player Talent and Drive Bottom-line Profitability”

Check out our webinar and you’ll:

  • Learn the Three Critical Items A Players are looking for and how to provide them.
  • Get an overview of Talent Development Best Practices that have helped thousands of companies create engaged and committed employees.
  • Discover 12 essential Questions that will help you focus and reduce the executive time you need to manage your team.

And you’ll get a tool kit to help you manage people better and drive performance, interview to determine the right people for your company and engage your team.