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It’s hard to believe, but we are nearly halfway through 2023! And, while it’s certainly important to do a “half time” check on your business, don’t forget to check in on yourself as well.

Many of us know the benefits self-care offers. During the day to day hustle and demands of life and running a business, however, taking care of ourselves can easily fall to the back burner. Neglecting self-care may be a common occurrence among business leaders, but if you want to avoid burnout, you’ve got to take time for yourself. Remember the oxygen mask. Taking care of you and your well-being is taking care of your business.

So how do you balance taking care of yourself and a busy work life? Here’s 4 helpful reminders:

1) Treat Yourself

As a busy business leader, it is easy to lose sight of doing things that just bring you joy. Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean a day at the spa (although that’s certainly nice.) Do something you love. Spend time with the people you love or an activity or hobby that you enjoy. Whether you want to go fishing for a day, read a book or prioritize a date night each week, add something into your routine that is all about bringing you joy and time away.

2) Delegate

Letting go of things can be difficult.  #Enlightenedleaders know, though, that delegating tasks is important to success. Trust the team you’ve built to take care of things. You can’t do it all! Let others take care of the things that drain your energy. You’ll be able to focus on what needs to get done with more energy and a clear mind. You’ll also build trust with your team and create more engagement.

3) Get moving

Exercise is an important part of taking care of yourself. This doesn’t mean taking 2 hours out of your day to hit the gym. Something as simple as taking a 10-minute walk to clear your head can help. And remember to put your workouts in your schedule ahead of time.  You’ll stand a better chance of making them happen if you’ve leveraged time blocking.

3) Prioritize Sleep

By this time most of us know that lack of sleep contributes to reduced decision making abilities and stunts creativity? Not to mention, not getting enough sleep makes staying focused throughout the day quite difficult. Make an effort to improve your sleeping habits and when you can’t seem to catch all the hours you need at night, find some time during the day for rest and relaxation.

Some great resources to consider checking out, or maybe even adding to your regular reading or listening list as well.

Have some more tips or resources? Please share! I’d love to know how you disconnect and refresh as well!




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