Dave McKeown

Dave McKeown, author of “The Self-Evolved Leader” and Founder of Outfield Leadership, did a fabulous job of closing out our Fall CEO Think Tank® Webinar series this week with style!

I’m grateful not only for Dave’s guidance and enthusiasm, but especially appreciate the questions he shared with our Enlightened Leader community. Questions and insights designed to elevate our own leadership and maximize our impact on ourselves, our teams, our clients and the community we serve.

I hope you schedule the time to listen to his talk with your teams, as part of your planning and preparation process for the year ahead. (If you need help preparing yourself and your team for the year ahead, check out our services and Leadership Development program to help you.)

In the meantime, however, here’s a few of my key takeaways.  “Minutes” in the video play are included to help save you time:

  • Keep distractions at bay by setting your intentions consciously before you start a task or engage in any learning opportunity.  This simple activity will assist you to focus and gain the most from whatever you’re doing. (Minute 9)
  • Understand the three phases of crisis: triage, adapt and emerge; the importance of identifying where you are on the continuum, and taking action appropriately. (MY KEY INSIGHT: Recognize that there’s been lack of a “straight line” through these phases in the past year.  Many of us are still bouncing back and forth between triage and adapt and have yet to “emerge” into a clear path forward. (Minute 17)
  • Our stress and “tiredness” as leaders is a result of this constant triage/ adapt cycle that we’ve had in 2020 because of fast changing external circumstances.  As a result, many of us feel caught in a whirlwind with no clear path forward. (Minute 20)
  • To combat the whirlwind and prevent leadership “whiplash”, ask your Dave’s five key questions designed to help you and your team recognize where you are and make conscious decisions about where you want to go moving forward. (Minute 34)

There’s so much more to Dave’s talk! See his resources and access to his slides below and check the recording out here! Don’t forget to subscribe to CEO Think Tank® on YouTube for more!

And make sure to check out our upcoming events to get you kicked off properly for a successful year ahead!


Dave McKeown, Outfield Leadership

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