NOW is a great time to take a “time out”, schedule some “think time” for yourself (even if it’s only an hour or two), reflect on your year-to-date performance and consider these 5 Must Do’s – my Takeaways from the Fortune Leadership Conference.

How are you doing with your goals and plans?  Did you get everything done that you wanted to get down in the last five months…in the last few weeks?  100%? 80%? Less than 50%?…

Consider this great line from Marshall Goldsmith… with a little editing from yours truly…

Good Execution is about the Quality of the idea X the Commitment to getting it done X the ability to exhibit the Emotional Maturity to “Just Say No”

So a few questions to consider???

  • What’s working for you this year?
  • What’s not?
  • What the ONE Thing that you need to make sure that you get done this year to make it a success?
  • AND – what will you STOP doing or SAY NO to in order to make sure that your 1 to 3 Strategic Priorities get the focus and attention that they need?

Those are the questions that I’m asking the CEO’s with whom I’m working this month – and courtesy of speakers at the Fortune Leadership Conference – I’m recommending the following Five “Must Do’s” for Success this year:

1)    Have a plan that’s on ONE PAGE – for easy reference and portability

2)    Define your Top 3 Strategic Objectives for the remainder of 2011 (Darren Hardy – The Compound Effect)

3)    Say NO to everything else (or NOT YET)

4)    Ask the people with whom you work (your employees, your customers, your vendors, your advisors) the following question (also courtesy of Marshall Goldsmith):

“What would be the one behavioral change that I could make that will make the biggest positive difference for me as a leader?  Why?”

5)   Focus on that ONE behavioral change that would make you more effective and work on THAT for the next 30 days.  Enlist a few key “trusted” people to give you noodges and “remind” you of your commitment.

And to stay on top of your game and get in some “think time” too, come to ourFour Decisions Executive Briefing on June 21st AND sign up NOW for the upcomingFortune Growth Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in October…It should be another great opportunity to grow and learn!

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