How committed are you to achieving your business dream?

March 15th, 2011


LCR Electronics specializes in the design, development and manufacture of custom and standard electronic components (EMI Filters, Backplanes & Chassis and Electronic Products) for a number of industries including appliance, aerospace, military, medical, commercial and telecommunications.  Over the past 25 years it has grown to over $17 million in revenue, with headquarters and a plant in Norristown, Pennsylvania and a wholly owned facility with over two hundred employees in China. 

Along the way, Nissen Isakov, the Founder and President has had his share of challenges AND successes.

“Our vision has always been good, our strategy has always been solid but execution – that’s where we sometimes fall short ….I’m still learning, but I do know that I’m not good at execution.  I’m a good visionary but execution has been our challenge for a long time,” he shared with me in a recent conversation. 

His management team also struggled with execution – which is why he and his business partner, Shmuel Yankelewitz decided to adopt the Rockefeller Habits (Link does not work) and brought their management team to the Business Excellence program at Mid-Atlantic Employers’ Association last year.

“I’m extremely driven to succeed.  When we came to the U.S., because of the Visa situation, my wife couldn’t work and I had a family to support….I’ve grown and changed my leadership style since then, but as an entrepreneur who’s growing a company, you can’t afford to stop learning.  The Rockefeller Habits really helped us to put in place the systems that we needed as a management team to get things done.”

So what were those things?  I’ll be writing about Nissen’s learnings and how he’s applying them to take the business to the next level in my next post…stay tuned!


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