Over 50% of the small business CEO’s who we’re working with are using the “opportunity” posed by the aftermath of the pandemic to re-evaluate their strategies and their business models – not a surprising finding I imagine for many of you.

Many CEO’s have also shared with me that they recognize that to truly grow a sustainable business, creating and maintaining a Great Strategy is critical…which is the thinking behind the REASONS that I actively promote “Scaling Up” in the businesses with whom we work.

#1 A Solid Strategy has you saying “NO” more than “YES”

A famous phrase attributed to Jack Welch – it’s the underlying belief that is the foundation for the Rockefeller Habits approach to doing business.  (Think about what that might mean to your strategy…what opportunities are you now saying “YES” to that should probably be a “NO”?  Which of your prospects should be takenoff of your list?)

#2 – Great Strategy “tools” are embedded in the One Page Plan

Tools like the Hedgehog Concept ­and Catalytic Mechanisms from Jim Collins’ work AND the power of the Inside Advantage from Bob Bloom who helped SouthWest, BMW and Juicy Juice achieve greatness.

#3 – Great Strategy development “processes” help you to determine your differentiators

Processes like the Three Questions that we encourage all companies to ask of their customers, their competitors’ customers and people and businesses not using their services at all –

  • What do you value most about what we do (or what we make) and why?
  • What’s one thing that you would change about our product and/ or service?  How would that help you or what pain would that solve?
  • We’re thinking about doing….fill in the blank.  What do you think about that?

Take the opportunity in the next 30 days to ask five of your customers those questions.  I guarantee you’ll be surprised by some of the answers you get.

#4 – Great Strategy “stories” that illustrate the power of a comprehensive and well thought-through strategy

Stories such as how Datacolor and Nielsen-Kellerman achieve record growth – and profits the last few years.

Great stuff for enlightened leaders everywhere!


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