Darius Mirshahzadeh

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Peter Drucker

I was thrilled to welcome Darius Mirshahzadeh to join us for our inaugural CEO Think Tank® webinar to kick off 2021 this week.

I can’t think of any more appropriate topic to dig into as we are all working to reset, re-boot, re-imagine and as our December speaker, Dave McKeown said, re-ignite ourselves for the year ahead.

Having had the privilege for several years of coaching him, his partner Ali and their team on their Scaling Up journey while at The Money Source, I appreciate and am grateful for his willingness to share his story, in the only way that he knows how – with full transparency around his lessons learned – as well as a little snark! 😊

Here’s just a few of my takeaways.  Be sure to schedule time to tune in with your team to hear more.  Then, create your own Invisible Scale to accelerate your company’s growth!


  • Take some time to pay attention to the conversations that you’re having with yourself, your family, your team and your employees and notice where the opportunities are for growth and exploration. Our Core Values are the language of our lives.  What language are you speaking?


  • Go right to Minute 16:00 for the four Key Questions to ask yourself and your Leadership Team to see how strong your Core Value culture is. What do you need to put on your plan for 2021 to build a stronger Culture?


  • Are your Core Values your most valuable asset for hiring, engaging, managing and developing your employees and yourself OR are they just a wall of words? (Minute 18 and then Minute 1:00:00 for some fabulous examples.)


  • Design your Core Values so that they have high “utility” value (think how easy it is to take pictures on your phone) and are easy to remember and use. Remember it’s not a flip chart exercise. (Minute 50)

Our Core Values are the language of our lives.  What language are you speaking?

Finally, the most critical step to successful Core Value implementation is to “prove it” – with a strong Measurement process in place that measure “People” results.

Think Gallup Q12, 15/five questions and eNPS. Measure at least monthly, weekly is better.  Don’t forget to reinforce great performance and use corrective action when appropriate to maintain your standards. (Minute 1:12:10)

Schedule time for you and your team to listen and learn and then – create your own Invisible Scale to accelerate your growth and engage your company!

And make sure to check out our Lineup of Speakers to get you kicked off properly for a successful 2021!

Darius Mirshahzadeh and Cheryl Beth Kuchler

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