Gregg Lederman and Cheryl Beth Kuchler

How do you create 90% employee engagement and customers for life? Gregg Lederman joined our CEO Think Tank® community to show us how and WOW did he rock our CEO’s and their teams!

Here’s just a few of the learnings and insights (thanks so much to our strategic partner Veronica Cram for compiling!):

1) There’s 3 Things that Most Impact your Business – the Economy, the Competition and Employee Engagement. You can react to and plan for the first two, but you can only control the last.

2) Your job as a leader is to create an environment where employees are inspired, empowered, and motivated to live your Brand every single day.

The Goal of EVERY company is to get and keep profitable customers.

3) Remember, you as a leader are always on stage. Everyone – your Employees, your Customers and your Community – is watching how you react and interact.

4) It is not your job to motivate others. It’s your job to Lead!

5) Human beings CRAVE three things at work: Respect for what they do and who they are; Purpose; Relationship, primarily with their Manager.

6) An employee is engaged if they are both motivated and committed to act in the best interests of the company. Engaged employees learn new things, gain experience, are proactive and don’t have to be micro-managed.


So how do you create an environment for more engagement? 

1) Define your Company Values and Define the non-negotiable behaviors by answering the questions: Who are we? and How do we do it?

Example: Have you integrated your Core Values into your Hiring, Coaching and Performance reviews recognizing good behaviors?

2) Remind your team who you are and how we do it with 10 Minutes by Friday. State the Behavior. Tie it back to a Core Value. Describe the Impact that the behavior has on Results.

Example: At Wegman’s, the cashier always greets you, makes eye contact, says the total and says thank you. It’s repetitive and if someone skips a step, remind them until it becomes second nature.

3) Measure it!

Example: Report out at your Weekly Meetings how many times you’ve practiced “10 Minutes by Friday”.


The Bottom line?  If you want to see more of something from your employees, recognize it when you see it.


I’ve truly been humbled to partner with our many Guest Thought Leaders this past year who have given our CEO Think Tank® community the tools and resources to create stronger, more profitable companies.

If you’d like to see more of Gregg’s presentation, get access to it here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on our events and Guest thought-leaders in the year ahead!

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