This summer I am working as Cheryl Beth’s Marketing and Social Assistant.

I am a Marketing Major with a minor in Strategic Communications at Rowan University. I am currently the VP of Communications for Rowan’s chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). The previous President of AMA, Josh Sivel, was Cheryl Beth’s Assistant previously, and brought this opportunity to me. At first I was nervous. This would be the first job in my field of study. However, I decided to apply, eager to get real world marketing experience. After accepting and working for about 2 months now, I love learning the everyday operations of Marketing.

Being born in the 2000s makes me a member of the Generation Z community. Being Gen Z means we were basically raised around technology.

I find social media so intriguing because you can be creative and show the world who you are. This is done through pictures, videos, and captions. Learning social media for a business is interesting to another extent. It is a way to reach a broader audience, and interact with those of similar interests/ needs. Social media also allows us to organize our message and get it across fast. Some of my favorite work I’ve done so far includes:

1. Creating social media posts promoting events, articles, webinars, and conversations online.

I really enjoy learning about who the Guest Speakers are. I get to create posts that reflect them and capture what they have to offer to clients. Our YouTube channel is a great example of this. Gen Z Translation: Creating posts to gain excitement for an event in the way that a trailer does for a movie.

2. Constructing our monthly Newsletters containing our blogs and articles related to what we do at CEO Think Tank®.

Reading/writing about our blogs and articles allows me to discover new perspectives on the workplace. I enjoy learning about how the interactions between people can be the critical difference in a successful or unsuccessful business. Gen Z Translation: Positive engagements in a group chat make us more likely to contribute often. While being ignored causes negative actions, like leaving the group chat. You want a positive work environment so employees will positively contribute.

3. Assisting in the planning of events.

It’s interesting to see the lessons I’ve learned in class come to life. I consider my writing assignments from classes when considering the wording on invites, budgeting, creating lists of target audiences for specific events. Gen Z Translation: Creating target audiences is like doing the right things with the right people. When in the car with your friends you may play Tik Tok sounds you have all heard recently. At a family party with adults however, you may play music from “back in their day” for the best interactions.

I am grateful to be a part of the CEO Think Tank® team and enjoy the work I do. I am excited learning more as a Marketing and Social Assistant and applying it in my classes and future Marketing career.

If you are interested in learning more about the CEO Think Tank® community, check us out here.

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