Caryn Kopp Engaging Your Ideal Client

So many insights and key takeaways from our webinar with Chief Door Opener Caryn Kopp!

What I love about Caryn is not just her highly actionable content about all things sales and business development.  She also stays on top of the trends in her industry and the market, providing invaluable insights as the selling landscape shifts and changes this year.

She covered a lot of ground when she spoke to our CEO Think Tank® community last week but here’s a few of our key takeaways.

Take time with your leadership and/ or sales team to listen and watch in the next week.  Then make time to focus on the one or two areas where your business can benefit most in the coming months.

Happy “door opening”!

  1. To identify who is spending now, identify the “triggers” that have created a compelling need or pain.  For example, many small businesses are re-evaluating their banking relationships because of the lack of support they got applying for PPP earlier this year.
  2. If you have a lot of prospects who are “stuck” in your pipeline (and have been for a while), chances are that they aren’t (or aren’t anymore) the right prospects for you. Sit down with your sales team and clear the decks!
  3. Why would a prospect take a meeting with you?  Ask yourself (and your sales team) why meeting with you is the most important decision that they will make this week.  Why would they give you their time?
  4. Remember: the “Value” your service or offering provides to your customers is not the same thing as your “Value Prop”.  Make sure you’re addressing the first in your sales messaging.  Then, carve out time to have your sales team “practice” so that they deliver the message succinctly and powerfully.
  5. Have the “what if” conversation with your prospects to create a sense of urgency as well as uncover the consequences of inaction.
  6. Finally – use Leading Indicators to track sales progress, not just deals closed.  If you’re struggling to determine that those might be, give us a call!

For more guidance and tips to help you build your pipeline, and close more deals, check out Caryn’s presentation here.

And let me know how your door opening efforts go!


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