Even if you aren’t in a growth industry (but especially if you are)…there’s plenty of work to be done in the summer “downtime”.

Remember: Complacency is not an option.*

Most of the companies that I’m talking with aren’t “dying” anymore, a bunch are definitely “catching their breath” and many are back on the upswing.

But they’re all working hard and there’s certainly no reason for anyone to be complacent.  There’s plenty of work to be done – especially in the strategy arena…

Interrogating your business model, your strategy, your Brand Promise, your sandbox.

Re-examining your Core Competencies, your X-Factor question and your BHAG,

Fine-tuning your Communication “systems”. (How do the people in your company KNOW what’s important TO do – and to NOT do?)

Ask yourself do you have the right people in the critical seats in your company who will do the Right Things to implement your Plan?

Companies may not be in as much pain or dire straits as they were a couple of years ago but you’ve still got to keep your “eye on the ball” and make time for some mid-year “strategic thinking”.

So, if you haven’t scheduled your mid-year “adjustment” meeting – DO IT NOW!

Don’t be irrelevant!

PS – Check out some of these CEO’s who are definitely staying relevant… (YT: Building Heroes – Gazelles International Certified Coach- Client Testimonials)

*A special thanks to Chris Burkhard from CBI Group for providing the fodder for this blog!

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