Cheryl Beth and Susan Packard

“The willingness to ask for help is a sign of Courage, not Failure.”

It’s seems like a year ago that Susan Packard joined us in Philadelphia to talk with us about her time at HGTV and her journey to become a transformational leader.  Yet, it’s been less than a month.

The world has certainly changed since then.  None of us know what the future (or even the next week) holds.  And because taking care of and supporting our clients and community is always first on my list of priorities, it’s taken me forever to put pen to paper to write about what I learned from her.

I deeply appreciated Susan making the trip to speak with our CEO Think Tank® community, especially during such an uncertain time.  Her wisdom, courage and vulnerability are inspirational.  A wonderful reminder that to be an Enlightened Leader is to be fully human, fully ourselves with all of our strengths and limitations.  With a commitment to grow our own emotional intelligence, model transparency and share our stories with other leaders.

So here are just a few of my takeaways from her talk as well as our conversations in the months leading up to her visit.

I hope Susan’s perspective and guidance will be an inspiration for you during these unpredictable and challenging times.

On Becoming a Transformational Leader

• Kindness, civility and compassion are critical to our success. In all of our interactions, each of us needs to turn “me” to “we”.
• What are you modeling as a leader? Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you have a sense of purpose that gives you steadiness in times of chaos?
• The person with the power needs to be the person with Grace. Safety and Serenity are powerful propellers.

On Building a Powerhouse Brand

• Brand Building requires knowing your market intimately, asking the right questions and then creating a Culture that supports your unique offering.
• How does your “institutional” knowledge support what you are looking to deliver to your market? What about your talent?

Susan Packard and HGTV’s Core Values

On Growing Your E.Q. as a Leader

• Trusting others begins with the willingness to confront yourself.
• There is power in “Naming it, Claiming it and Letting it Go”.
• No one grows as a leader alone. Who is your guide for this process of developing your EQ?

On Fostering a Resilient Culture

• Defining the acceptable ways to achieve success is what lays the groundwork for a strong Culture.
• Culture is what allows you to take what’s transactional – and – make it transformational.
• Being fully present is a gift to those with whom you work. Learn to Stop and Listen.

How will you become more Fully Human in the weeks and months ahead?

Give us a call or drop us an email…we’d love to help you grow as an Enlightened Leader!


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