Chelsea DeLuca, Chief Operating Officer at PPR Capital Management.

We have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing companies and #enlightenedleaders over the last two decades. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of inspiring stories. That is why we are continuing our highlights of the incredible members of the CEO Think Tank® community. 

This month, we are spotlighting Chelsea DeLuca, Chief Operating Officer at PPR Capital Management. Chelsea’s career with PPR has spanned 11 years and her journey is a fabulous example of doing exemplary work with a dedication to growing herself as both a team player and a leader. She attended school to become a paralegal and started working at PPR as an administrative assistant. When she started with the company, it was much smaller than it is today. But as the company grew, so did her responsibility. 

About five years ago Chelsea was paired with Spencer Staples, Chief Investment Officer at PPR, to be mentored. She credits him with teaching her project management approach. 

She had never thought about actions, tasks and even life with a project management mindset, but Spencer’s coaching and teaching approach helped her take on her responsibilities and daily life in a new, and more successful way.

“I learned to apply a project management approach to day-to-day activities. I now ask…What is the outcome I am looking for? What are the steps to get there?”

Chelsea was so inspired that she decided to go back to school for a project management education. And, began to take on more responsibilities and manage more people at PPR. She describes the progression in her career as very organic initially. However, she continued to be encouraged by Spencer as well as the company’s ownership team.

“During the pandemic many things changed. I call it the “pandemic pivot.” I feel like that is where I grew the most.”

During the pandemic, like so many others, PPR faced many challenges. At that time the company started expanding the assets they purchased. Assisting in navigating those challenges along with hiring and then onboarding a new CEO last year was a pivotal time for Chelsea. She believes those milestones helped shape her into the leader she is today. 

Most importantly, Chelsea credits her success to building meaningful relationships and being eager to learn and ask questions.

“Ask who, not how.”

Chelsea explained that her experience with CEO Think Tank® has been unique since when she started working with us she wasn’t even considered a senior leader. She feels honored and incredibly grateful that the PPR team pulled her into the Scaling Up process early on. By doing so she become involved in and was able to contribute to the company’s planning process. The monthly roundtable groups have been one of the most impactful learning opportunities for her. 

Now, Chelsea uses every experience along with the meaningful relationships she has developed to help PPR Capital Management meet its goals. She wants to see the company continue to grow intentionally, and smartly. Over the next few years the PPR team plans to have over 2$ billion in assets under management, lean into the technology space, expand and diversify their investor base and include more women and younger people.

“Surrounding myself with the right people has been the biggest benefit of my career.”

Her best piece of advice for other entrepreneurs? 

“You don’t have to be an expert on everything. It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t learn the hard way if you don’t have to.”

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