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I been writing professionally for almost 25 years now. Articles, an unpublished book, marketing content. I’m sure you you can imagine lots on that last one!

Most recently, however, my focus has been on stories about business leaders. And giving you access to the many tools and resources which exist that help them (and you) succeed.

Digging into the blog archives this past month I’ve realized that there are some real “gems” in our stories, and just simple reminders about how you can create a stronger and more profitable business.

As a result, we’re doing an encore performance, going into the lazy days of August, giving you new ideas to ponder or just jog your memory about some insight you’ve forgotten along the way. And maybe provide you with one or two new management tools to add to your leadership arsenal.

Here’s six carefully selected posts to get you thinking. But more importantly, to up your game in the 2nd half of 2019!


“Six Ways to Just Say No”

Do you have trouble saying no? Many entrepreneurial types do. We salivate at new opportunities, we want to explore the next bright, shiny possibility, or we just want to help someone with a problem.  If you struggle to say no, and do it politely but firmly, read on here.

“Three Questions to Be a Better Communicator”

Communication seems to be the thorn in every leader’s side. No matter how enlightened you are. So if you’d like to know some simple ‘secrets’ to being more effective at getting your points heard, consider using these three questions.

“Are you a Lead Generator – or just Taking Orders?”

How robust is your business development process – REALLY?  Have you developed a sales system that results in predictable business and cash flow – or are you just taking order? Take our quick five question quiz here and let me know ?

“5 Tips for Engaging Your Talent”

Have you spent valuable time, money and resources over the past year finding the right talent to help you grow, only to find out that they might not have been “right”? It’s no secret that employees can drive managers crazy, but there are some practical steps you can take that will increase your odds of not just finding the right talent but keeping them engaged. Here’s five to get you started.

“4 Critical Factors for Being a Better Leader”

Learning about how the brain works isn’t just for scientists.  It can actually make you a better leader. And David Rock, Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, is just the guy to help! If you want to up your leadership game, and learn some new “cocktail trivia” too, check out his TED talk here. Learn four critical facts about human behavior that you should know to be a more an enlightened leader.

“7 Halftime Tips”

I love to use the summer, particularly the month of August when things seem to slow down a bit (at least in the United States), to step back and reflect a bit on life, my business and my plans for the future.  Here’s some things you might want to think about and make time for to help you along the journey.



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