In what will continue to be challenging economic times, how do you grow and sustain your company?

Strategy and People

That’s the message that came through loud and clear two weeks ago at the Fortune Growth Summit in Phoenix.  My biggest takeway?

The companies that will weather the storm in the next few years will do so with a solid strategy and engaged employees.

A key ingredient to having Solid Strategy starts with a clear understanding of your “sweet spot” in the marketplace and your “differentiators” that make a difference – even those that appear to put you at a disadvantage in the market place – these words of wisdom from Youngme Moon who engaged the audience in a very enlightening discussion using two case studies (Ikea and the Mini)from her new book, Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd.

So, the first question for you to consider in your strategic planning for 2012 …???

(I know all of you are doing that right now  )

What would it take for you to be considered a brand/ company / service for which there is no substitute?

(BTW if you haven’t made the time to do your planning for 2012, mark Thursday, December 8th in your schedule andsign up for our One Day Planning workshop in Princeton NJ – we’ve still got seats left and we promise that you’ll get the time and the resources to take 2012 by storm.)

On the People end of the equation, it’s clear from the conversations that I had with a number of CEO’s that the competition for A Players is only heating up as more and more businesses recognize that the only real competitive advantage that will ultimately sustain them is their People.

Dan Pink, author of the new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us asked an intriguing question of the audience –

How much autonomy do your people really have every day in their work?

Given that autonomy is directly correlated to engagement and profitability – it’s a critical question for those of you looking to grow and prosper in the years ahead.  You’ll have to read his book to learn more…but I’d encourage you to visit his website and do an “autonomy audit” of your company.


And for your planning purposes, make sure to save May 15th and 16th for the next conference in Atlanta – should be a great venue to hear Jim Collins and learn about the insights from his latest book, Great by Choice.

Hope that you’re planning for a fantastic 2012 – call us if you’re ready to pump it up!

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