Randy Nelson

So VERY grateful to have Randy Nelson join us for our CEO Think Tank® Annual Retreat this past week.  So many lessons and insights from this very smart, yet very humble, serial entrepreneur and author.

One of the most significant nuggets for me? Randy’s motto for increasing self-awareness and becoming a more enlightened leader. Know thyself. Accept thyself. Improve thyself. Accept others. Complement thyself.

I’m still processing my own lessons learned probably for the next few weeks (or months 😊?) but in the meantime, here’s my top ten takeaways and questions for you to ponder as you chart your own enlightened leader journey!

  1. I don’t know what I don’t know. I know what I don’t know. I know what I know. These three simple phrases are invaluable to recognize, understand and apply to move from being an entrepreneur to becoming a qualified and intentional entrepreneur.
  2. As we grow as leaders, we either learn the necessity of “improving thyself” or we become less and less equipped to lead. Similarly, when we come up against the limits of our skill set (or interests), we need to understand what it’s important to “complement thyself”.
  3. True leadership is measured by how well we develop people, processes, and infrastructure strong enough to function without our hand on the wheel.
  4. The lesson of economic history is that there will always be a disruption to cause us pain. But disruptions often bring opportunities. And we always have the potential to decide how we’ll handle the next downturn – if we prepare ourselves.
  5. When you have a critical Rock that needs to be done REMEMBER…The questions to ask yourself is Who will do it, NOT How will it get done.
  6. If you were fired today from your leadership position, what 3 actions would your successor take to make your company and your team wildly successful? HINT: You didn’t want to do; You didn’t know what to do; You didn’t know how to do it.
  7. What are your greatest weaknesses, that if you don’t improve upon them or delegate to others, your company will underperform?
  8. What would the Ten-Year Older version of yourself tell you to Start, Stop and Keep doing?
  9. To set better strategy going forward, each of us has to get serious about being more decisive, with speed and conviction, exercising the power of our intuition and take calculated risks.

And my personal favorite?

“I’d like to suggest that your current and future entrepreneurial career can be adjusted to include works like “joy” and “peace”.”


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