Road to 2024

Have you accomplished the goals you set out for this year? What have you learned? What else would you like to achieve?

The year has sped by and Q4 will be here in the blink of an eye. 

Shortly we’ll be planning for 2024 (maybe you’ve already started?) and then preparing to ring in the new year. Don’t wait however to put in place the action plan to accomplish your goals! Check out these 4 strategies to help you finish out the year strong and set you and your team up for a fantastic year ahead.

1) Identify where you’ve excelled so far this year…and why!

How have you been successful this year? While you certainly do not want to live in the past, learning from it is a helpful way to move forward. Find what systems have been critical to your success and make them a part of your regular routine, not just a fleeting fad. Systematizing what’s working is critical to ensuring its repeatability as you go forward.

2) Prioritize what matters most.

Do you still have a lengthy list of goals you would like to achieve? Take some time to evaluate what means most to you and your business. While you should never sacrifice what’s important, time can make achieving everything impossible. Focus on what will bring the most forward movement to your company this year and rally your team to get it accomplished. Then, be thoughtful and incorporate the other goals you’d like to achieve into your 2024 success plan.

3) Establish a plan to focus on your weaknesses.

Where are some places you could have performed better? What would be the most important improvement you can make in 2024? While leveraging our strengths gives us tremendous satisfaction and is important to our ongoing success, the key to continued growth is identifying your business’ weakness and improving your performance. If you’d like some assistance, check out our quick Scaling Up Assessment. It only takes 5 minutes. And, it’s guaranteed to help you pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts – and put you on track for success!

4) Make a plan to celebrate your accomplishments.

You and your team deserve to celebrate the hard work you have put in throughout the year to make your business a success. Make a plan to celebrate the commitment of each and every individual that made all of this year’s accomplishments possible. Time spent together celebrating, aside from the busyness of day-to-day duties, provides the opportunity to strengthen culture, reward performance – and – can add some extra incentive to finish out the year strong!

If you’d like help with any of these strategies or prepping for the year ahead, give us a shout! We’d love to help you on the path to Scaling Up!


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