Creative genius is a myth.  And great flashes of inspiration are never the work of just one person, even if one person gets all the credit.

So argues author Kevin Ashton, technology pioneer and entrepreneur in his best-selling book, “How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention and Discovery”.

In the 8th “talk” in our series, Ashton takes on the task of debunking many of our widely-held beliefs about creativity as well as throwing cold water on some of our deeply ingrained management “best practices”.

Brainstorming doesn’t work. Financial rewards don’t lead to results. Failing freely and frequently can actually be good for creating.

“Creativity is just a made up term to mystify something that all of us have the power to do,” says Ashton.

He also discloses some of the “secrets” of creativity in his blogs including:

Click play below to hear some very powerful stories and learn more about the reality of creative process.

Kevin Ashton: Creative Evolution

Go to Minute 3 to hear the Creativity Myth of “Inspirational genius” debunked and learn that there’s no such thing as a “Eureka” moment and drive-thru solution.

Go to Minute 7 to learn that everyone has the power to be “creative” (and hear the revealing story of the invention of the Dyson vacuum cleaner).

Go to Minute 10:50 to hear about the dirty little secret of the Nobel Prize.

Go to Minute 20 to find out how Ashton picked the title “How to Fly a Horse” based on a story of the Wright Brothers.

Fascinating and revealing information that will hopefully inspire and encourage you to put in the time and effort to create a great strategy and a fabulous business.


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