When I was a young engineer at Procter and Gamble, Jack Stack was already becoming a legend in the business world for what he was able to do with a traditional, blue-collar workforce.

A pioneer of the leadership model known as open-book management, Jack is the Founder, President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation and the author of “The Great Game of Business” and “A Stake in the Outcome”His beginnings, however, were somewhat inauspicious.

Almost 35 years ago, he and his team took a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, severely debt-ridden, and with the help of the employees, propelled it to grow, acquire and own over 60 businesses and create thousands of jobs. Along the way SRC’s stock value has increased 360,000%.

How did they do it?  It started with a game.

“The Great Game is just an educational tool,” says Jack. “We design games to solve a business problem, to engage people and often to get a point across that otherwise would fall on deaf ears.”

For those of you familiar with Verne Harnish’s work in “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” and “Scaling Up,” you’ll recognize in Stack’s work the “gold standards” of a “Daily Huddle” and knowing your “Critical Number”.  At P&G in the late 80’s and early 90’s, we took a page from Stack’s playbook and implemented Daily Huddles and Critical Numbers at our facility in Avenel, New Jersey, driving production results to levels that hadn’t been achieved before while significantly increasing the workforce and more than doubling volume at the facility.

How many of you, however, are having meetings where EVERYONE is paying attention to the results every day?  More importantly, does EVERYONE know their part in impacting the numbers and what they can do personally to make a difference in the business?

Well, that’s why we’re bringing the Great Game to Philly this November – because we’d love for you to have the power of the “Game” to drive business results too.  While you may not be Jack Stack – you can still learn how to play the game.

Find out how by attending our November 3rd workshop featuring Steve Baker, Vice-President of the Great Game of Business and one of their top-rated instructors.

Just go to this link to get more information and to sign up: http://bit.ly/GreatGameRegistration

Sign up today and get our Early Bird discount.  And bring your team!

And to give you a taste – here’s just a sample of Stack’s version of Daily Huddles and getting your point across in a FUN way.


Go right to minute 3 to see how SRC engages a room of people from all areas of the business including the factory floor in reviewing the P&L results for the company.  Go to Minute 5 to see how anyone can learn financials, including the ins and outs of a Balance sheet and ESOP’s.

Get inspired – and then come play!

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